alright, i need a new amp.
So far, the Line 6 Spider ll got shot down by all of you.
And you all say I'd have to mic the roland cube 15 and the roland cube 30.
some of you said the Roland Cube 60 would have to be microphoned too to be heard over drums.

so heres what i have in mind so far

peaveyvalveking - something at least 30 watts or higher, around 400$ TOP price maybe 450 pushing it.

The roland cube 60.

no, i don't have any thing to mic it with, i don't have a PA system or anything..
wait, I might, but it's old and I'm not sure that it works.
Save up and get a 5150 combo off of ebay they are like 500 to 700 so just save a little bit. 5150 combo 60 watts tube no problem playing over drums
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possibly, but i'm almost sure the budget won't be 400$ my mom already doesn't know, because we're getting two new vehicles, and we'll have to do monthly payments on that.

so she doesn't want to waste alot of money
5150 combo, is it a SS amp or a tube.