This is a medly of sabbath songs with my new tributing lyrics

(paranoid opening riff)

(Paranoid main riff)

(Paranoid main riff)
Im paranoid of the war pigs
who think their masters of reality
their hand of doom it crushes me
and opens a hole in the sky

(transition electric funeral)

(electric funeral main riif)

(electric funeral verse backing)
He has a house designed
by a spiral archietect on planet caravan
he is friends with iron man
who only eats the rat salad

(transition to Iron Man)

(Iron Man main riff)

(Iron Man verse)
He has a dog called fluff
He only reads books called volume 4
he writes national acrobat
and he kills himself to live

(end of iron man)

pleaase flame me i deserve it
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This piece seems like it could be decent, it's just way too vague. If all of these symbols mean something to you, define each one a little better. For example, the last two stanzas sound like they could contain decent symbols, but as a reader, it's not clear what the mean. Just clarify al little and don't be afraid to go into too much detail. It will help us at UG understand what your saying. Anyways, just mess with it a little bit until you like it. Remember, most modern lyrics blow, but a heavily distorted guitar drowns it out and so it sells... jk. Anyways, please crit my piece Gone Away . Thanks. Rock and Rule!

That is to date the worst attempt at writing I have ever seen on this board.

What were you thinking?

"he is friends with iron man
who only eats the rat salad"

????????? WTF??????????
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What's the big deal with Gibsons, anyway?
I've heard loads of Gibsons being played before
and they don't sound any more special than
any other guitar.

^UG's King Of Fail.
another idea for a tribute could be something like war pigs pt.2 or something

an odd song, but could be worse.