I wrote this this to express how I felt.

I started to write the song when I was at home, tired and sick of studying...
Then I just drop the school for a while, and did a trip in car around Canada, usa and mexico...
I finished the school when I came back from the trip.

note: I'm a french candian, so English is not my first language.
If there's is some words and/or sentences that I cannot say or even don't exist please tell me!


I know it?s time to make a choice
Pack my bag and follow the voice
Destination is not so clear
Just don?t want to stay here
It?s not that I don?t love you mom
I don?t forget where I came from
But now it?s time for me to move
I have nothing to loose

It?s time - to pass the wall
I?m not - going to fall
Life is - too short to wait
One day - it could be too late

Now I want to feel the distance
I need a new experience
I don?t want to stay on the side
I?m ready for a ride
Many things that I wanna see
Many places where I wanna be
It?s in my skin, it?s in my mind
And now I choose my line

(away) A thousand miles from here
(can?t stay) Overcome all my fears
(away) Trying to escape far, far, far so faraway
(away) Somewhere further than heaven
(can?t stay) My wills won?t be broken
(away) Trying to escape far, far, far so faraway

Once on the road I won?t look back
There?s nothing wrong there?s nothing sad
And now my trip has just begun
My wings are wide open
Where do I go? I?m not quite sure
But I will write another chapter
One which I will never forget
I know it?ll be perfect

Can?t wait - to cross the door
It?s what - I?ve waiting for
It?s so - good to be free
Free to - cross the country

I am ready to play the game
Cause people here all look the same
I?m sick and bored of the same view
I just want something new
Feels great when I sat on my car
Accelerate going so far
Discovering a brand new world
It?s something special


Someone say that voyage form youth
I tell you that he said the truth
So much pictures behind my eyes
Pictures that you can?t buy
Cause I?m back with my memories
Back with so much special stories
With great moments stick in my brain
Moments I can?t explain

My heart - remained over there
Spirit - still in the air
Nothing - like a road trip
With a - special friendship
This is - making me glad
There is - nothing to add