Im looking into modding a guitar. I would like to add lgihts to my project. Idk were to pu them or wut i shold do, or how to wire it!!!! PLz help me and ummm i would like to have your sugestions. THANX!!
the first step is to wire up a lightbulb over your head. Then you can have some really "bright" ideas about putting lights in your guitar.

use LED's and put a 9v battery in the back cavity. Put a switch on the pickguard.
for the led's what type/strength of resistors do you recomend?

EDIT if you put enough of them (like ten) in a paralles circuit, would you need a resistor?
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personally, I suggest you google it and learn how to do it all yourself. Most LED's can take either 1.5 or 3 volts, I kind of forgot which I want to say it's the former. Maybe you should ask when you buy them. Wire them in SERIES to make them be able to take more volts, PARALLEL.....you know what it'll take me forever to explain it and i want to leave for work, so i'll jsut give you this helpful link which is what I always glance at when i want to make sure i'm good to go.