I've had these fun lyrics that I've always wanted to do as kind of a fun RATM type of song but just fun. I dunno, tell me what you think. If you guys want I could rap it out and put it up as a file haha.

Let's get some reaction!
Time to take some action!
No need for the enemy's
We won't need a faction
And if don't understand that
We can divide it into fractions
And if you bad that we'll just some subtraction

So have no fear
Because we here
And we came to please your ears

So get your groove on
Don't be shy
We are here to jam
And that's no lie

So when I tell you to jump!
You say 'how high?'
But, you don't need an answer
Nah, Because the limit's the sky, son!

So lets
take some action!


So keep shaking that thing you got
Well if you think you got none, we ain't asking a lot
It's just all about and it's about to unfold
I said, 1, 2, 3, 4..
Break the mold!
No here we go
Break the mold!

If you listenin' to a stereo
Listen up!
If you ain't feelin' this
Turn it up!

And if you got no money:
Download the mp3
Put it on a CD
No matter what you think
We takin' this to a higher degree

And let's judge by what you see
Nah, cuz it's the sound
Pound for poud
Round after round
It's relentless
and might just get you to get down

So when I tell you to party
You say 'how long'?
But you don't need answer
Nah! Cuz limits the song!

So let's
get a reaction!


(Breakdown/Bridge) This part is just supposed to amp up the crowd

Now everyboy just hold the phone
We ain't just done yet, we just settin' the tone
So take a step foward and enter the zone
Cuz this is how we break the mold

Cuz we gonna
We gonna
We gonna
Rock around the clock
Til' there's no rock around! x3

Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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GuitarSymphony you are my hero!
alot of this stuff sounds like its completely ripped off from a rage song, its one thing to say there your inspiration man but to almost sight them word for word is lame.
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I honestly do not hear any Rage Against the Machine in it, but its not bad. Is this your first song?

Alright, if you like rap, you need to check out my two raps, which are linked to in my signature. It would be great to get some more crit on "The Fate of the Lesser", because I haven't gotten much on it. Thanks!