Hi , I posted an instrumental interlude , kinda creepy, I think it is still in the first page of the original recording forums . You guys liked it and intrigued me to make it a full song. So here it is , Solitude complete version .
I dont know what kind of genre is it though , hehe. It is a compilation of black , thrash , power and heavy metal riffs. Enjoy, and of course as always :

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I just realised that the format is wma so you CAN NOT hear it. I will re-upload it immediately in mp3 format so that you can be able to stream it ...
Sorry for the inconvinience.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Nice intro man!! Deep classical stuff, superb fx!!

Mate, beautifal change around!! I love it!! Fast paced absolutly ridiculous compared to the intro. Good rhthme superb guitar riffs... into one another good use or panning. Very good.
Oooh...i like it. Nice tempo change, good sounds and effects. Whoa, the really distorted guitar scared me cuz i had it kinda loud. Nice though..a bit too heavy for my taste but it sounds incredible. Err...i can't tell you what to fix or anything, it all sounds great. Keep it up, bud.
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love the intro - really reminds me of Ozzy. love the sudden change of pace. i think the drums could be a bit louder or maybe a different beat - one that would solidify your riff. your tone is kinda... blah or dry. not getting much out of it. throw some bass in there maybe, so it sounds more complete. kinda lengthy though - just keeps going on and on. throw some curveballs in there. great job.

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Thanks but i dont care for the songs that are recorded in my pc to have a flawless quality.When I record them in a studio with vocals i 'll put a lot of effort in them so you can enjoy it better and for me to make a cd :P
and btw i already critted your song.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.