I'll use Justin King as an example... the video of him doing phunkdified, or whatever, some of the parts he strums really fast... and when I try to strum that fast, it just doesn't work. haha I either cut myself... or I don't know. So could someone be detailed on how to get that much speed with strumming? (remember, no pick)
act like youre holding a pick and use the backs of your fingernails on your thumb and index. its easier if they're kinda longer
he actaully has explained his strumming technique

Justin: Yeah - Rotate your wrist as hard as you can to the left and then to the right. Then let your arm dangle by your side and shake it out. This helps limber up the muscles in your forearms and wrist - you have to be very relaxed in order to get any speed going. This technique is based on triplets. The full pattern is: down-stroke with your middle fingers, followed by a down-stroke with your thumb, then up-stroke with your thumb. I would suggest NOT playing this on a guitar at first, try playing it on the sides of tables, your thigh, etc.. Its easier to get the basic pattern down if you don't have to also think about chords and fingering.

that is an excerpt from his interview at: http://www.skinnydevil.com/acoustic-concepts.html
I dont see how this was a lame question? Good to know tho
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Ah, just because a lot of people get sick when they see a thread about justin king.
And when I said, no pick, of course I have a pick, but the song doesn't use one.
yea this get sick if its a video cuz there is a new thread of the same Video 3 times a week