any of you who have seen funtwo play will know that his guita is beautiful. i would like to know exatyl what it is if any body knows. he does a fantastic cover of cannon in d, which i find better than jerryc.

if you wanna see him goto youtube.com and search guitar he has a kind of green/gold guitar and a baseball cap..

Thank you
First of all i would make sure i know my grammer and spelling if i were you.

just kidding.
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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sorry its late and im trying to find a new guitar for my birthday. to treat myself. and i just found that guitar was beautiful.
yeah I always wondered, I think the logo on the headstocl looks like ESP but no ESPs look like that so I dont know
it looked like a strat-style ESP, possibly a custom because of the gold pickguard, not entirely sure though
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