In about ten days my band is opening up for a real famous horror punk band, the show will be pretty big for us, but I need another guitar for it, my back up just isnt cutting it.

Right now I have a les Paul and some horrible samick that I got when I first started, Im playing through a peavey xxl halfstack. We have a sound kind of like pennywise, against me!, fifteen, afi, ect...

Im torn between two guitars, I really like the ESP vp400 and the Ibanez artcore.

I have always wanted a semi hollowbody to add to a few of our songs, but I feel in love with the ESP.

Do any of you have experience with these guitars? I have played them both, they feel great, I just need some more first hand info. Thanks.
What's the band?

I'd go with the Viper 400
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Id go for a new amp dude.

But out of those, the Viper is much sweeter.

the amp is plenty good, dont worry about that. No im not tone deaf either, popular to what most of you may say, it sounds perfect for what i play.

Ill def. go viper.