Will you still be here?

The call came in today and they need me,
Ive got to fight for this world to be free,
You say I don?t but I swear that I do care,
You dry your eyes but the tears are still there.

Baby you know how I adore you so,
You see how hard it is for me to go,
As im boarding I gaze into your eyes,
And I swear these aren?t our final goodbyes.

So ive got to go for a while now,
And its gonna be hard, yeah I know,
Don?t wanna hurt you, but don?t know how,
So I guess id just better go.
But when will I be back you ask me,
You look in hope as I shed a tear,
I promise you one day I will be,
But Sweetie, will you still be here?

One year passed since that day of misery,
And still so distant you are from me,
But the letters you send are keeping me strong,
My home in your arms, that?s where I belong.

So ive been away for a while now,
And it?s been so hard for us to cope,
Don?t wanna forget you, but don?t know how,
My feelings, they no longer show.
I remember back when you asked me,
Your face Is so vivid and clear,
My promise still stands but I ask thee,
My darling, will you still be here?

All I knew in that life is dead and gone,
A strong nostalgia in me spawned,
You were once my all but now you?re my fall,
Memories of you so distant, obscure.

So ill be far away for a while now,
And it?s becoming so easy to cope,
I wanna forget you, and don?t know how,
I put up with you so long ago.
Seems so distant now that you asked me,
And why did I hold us so dear,
I was stupid to think that you would be,
When I asked you, will you still be here?

{let me know what you think }
Wow that's Amazing. Email me this song is huge and hits every radio station.lol. Seriously Great. Please crit mine if you can. "Baseball isn't Americas favorite Passtime" and "Imperfect"
thanks if i ever get it recorded ill mail it to you.

anyone else wanna say anything?
really liked it, but i think it needs another verse i wanna know what happends!

overall though i thought it was great, be proud of this
PSN: Noverion
thanks i am proud lol, ill see about another verse when i get a chance, sorry bout the late reply only just got back online, been away for a while.