Today, I decided to play around with High-Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Hard Clipping Diodes, and Soft Clipping Diodes on my new breadboard. I played around with the few extra parts I have until I get my new parts in (any day).

So I was playing around and made a high pass filter and hard clipping stage, and then connected a battery into it, while playing through it, and one of the diodes exploded . I started to smell smoke so I disconnected the battery, and the diode split in half . That was wierd. But whatever... Theres my forum-spamming story. Sorry .
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ah, missed the part on the clipping.

though I dont get how you could blow up the diodes like that. If you were doing this with an opamp I don't see how you could have run more than 4.5V max output before the diodes in a normal setup.
you were probably using diodes that aren't rated for the voltage or current that was running through it.

it sorta happened to me once, I forgot what exactly happened, but I was building a diode logic circuit, but I connected it wrong on the board, so the diode started heating up. Luckily it was melting one of the wires, I smelled it and turned off the power supply before it exploaded or anything. I'm just gonna go ahead and place the full blame on my lab partner.
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This is for idiots only. But it's cool. Bridge the sockets of a wall jack with low wattage resistors. Sure it's a VERY BAD IDEA, but it's still fun. (Don't sue me please.)
Also, installing electrolytics backwards in high voltage applications is fun. BOOM!

Also, melting the guts of old tubes is cool too.
Just take your old tubes, and bias them WAY hot. They turn into like lightbulbs.

Incedentally, the other day I got 120v from the mains through my finger. Tingled like hell, but thank god I had my hand resting on the amp chassis(grounded) so it never got a chance to reach anything vital. Was cool. THIS ONE IS REALLY NOT RECOMMENDED!

Again, don't sue me please if you get blinded or killed or maimed or anything.
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Haha pink. You should throw a party sometime. Explode tubes, electricute people, and explode circuits.

Yea, this summer I stepped on a stingray in the ocean and it like electricuted through my foot up my leg. I jumped onto my surfboard right away because it scared me