I've got a couple of radioshack capacitors but I cant tell which sides are positive and negative. The first capacitor is an electrolytic capacitor but the two metal wires come out of each side of it. The second capacitor is Polyester Film(Green color if it matters)
and it also doesnt say if it is positive or negative. Thanks for your help.
Only electrolytic and tantalum capacitors are polarized.

The other ones are not polarized, it doesn't matter which way you put them in
^ Yup. I used the same capacitors for some guitar electronic stuff i was fooling around with lol.
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Oh good One more question I know about the whole CBE transistor thing but which way should a transitor be put in since its not labled with a C B E. (Silicon transistors).
So looking at the flat side of the transistor the pin on the left 1 is the emitter, 2 is the base and 3 is the collector. correct me if I'm wrong.