This is a problem meny early muscians have the most problem with. They are not sure exactly how to write one from front to back. They have a cool riff idea and not sure how to make a song out of it. In this I will show you how to do so.

INTRO-this is what gets the listener hooked in, and decides if they want to hear the rest of the song, this is major in writing a song, this is what could decide if the listener will listen to the rest of the song, or press the skip to next song button (>>l) on their ipod. Record producers only listen to the first 10 seconds of a song before they decide if it's going to be a hit single, think about that when you're writing a song.
VERSE- this is the aftermath of the first hook, this is when the listener decides if he or she will like the song, because they get hooked in but the first intro riff, and now this is what needs to keep there attention. This is a very critical part of the song, and is as important the intro
CHORUS- This is when the listener decided to listen to the whole song, this has to have a catchy transition from verse 1 to here
OUTTRO- This part has to sound better than any other part of the song, this is when the listener thinks of the entire song as a whole and they decided what they think of it. The ending has to make the listener think wow that was a good song.

Now you're thinking okay, great, now how are those pieces written? But before I go into that, I must explain an ingredient many artists have been using for over decades, almost every artist of any kind of gene of rock music use this trick. Literally any kind of gene, from rock, rock n' roll, pop rock, punk rock, heavy metal, metal, death metal, hair metal, hard rock, heavy rock, ect. And I'm not making a generalization. The main ingredient that's used is repletion. Ever hear your grandparents or parents talk about their parents say that rock n' roll is repletion noise? That's because when rock and roll came out, meant people didn't like it. Take your grandparents for example. They were used to the jazz, and swing era, if you listen to jazz, it has very little repletion. Rock is the easiest type of music you can play mostly because it is repetitive, even Randy Rhodes, a very accomplished metal guitarist, one of the greatest. Before he died he was working on becoming a certified classical guitarist. He couldn't get certified to become one right off the bat, imagine that, one of the greatest guitarists in the world couldn't get certified off the bat. That proves how easy rock music is to play.

Writing the Song with Riffs

INTRO- The intro can consist of almost anything, from finger picking, plucking, catchy power chord riffs, and even some strumming patterns, but intros mostly has single strings being plucked or finger picked in a pattern.
VERSE- This can be from strumming chords in a pattern, to having power chord being played, or it have a lead guitarist playing lead licks, while the rhythm guitarist is playing power/major/minor chords, and so on.
CHORUS-This again can be played using power chords, having a different strumming pattern than the first verse, also you can use the intro to be your chorus like many other bands have done.
OUTTRO- This is where it separates you from your gene other then how you wrote your intro, veres, chrous. Many metal bands use this to solo and others use this to repeat the intro, strumming, power chords, ect.

So what have you learned? Use repletion, how to use different styles and write them for a song, how to write for the different parts of the song, how a song is constructed, how different parts of the song is use to the listener's ear.
I hope that this was useful, thanks.
yea i get what you mean, i am just writting on how i write songs, so i dont exactly use say for example a pre chorus when i write so i cant really give information on it
anything else?
someone once told me a solo acts like another verse, but instead of words its a solo over the music
Quote by henza_x
someone once told me a solo acts like another verse, but instead of words its a solo over the music

thats true, but it also depends on how long it is