hi. Ive got an ESP Ltd Viper 100 and i wanted to switch the plastic nut to a bone or graphite nut, a new bridge pickup, and maybe a neutrik jack lock. My questions were
1. The nut i found online is too big, how do i cut it down?
2. What is the best pickup for metal (Thats not too incredibly expensive)?
3. Does anyone know anything about the neutrik jack locks? Like how they work and how to instal them.
Any information would be appreciated.
As far as the nut, go to ESP website and get the correct specs for your guitar. I'm assuming you're a DIYer, it'll make it simpler. Otherwise, you can experiment with cutting and grinding it with your Dremel.

For inexpensive PUs, try the humbuckers from Guitar Fetish. Some UG modders have had good experiences with them.

I have no experience with your jack lock ... just go to their website to figure it out. Good Luck!