if there is a guitar thats not in store and they are liscenced to deal that brand would they be able to order it for me, i would call but its too late now, im looking to buy a hellraiser avenger and they dont have it in store
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they sell schecters.
it shouldnt be a problem to order.
put prepare for the longest month of your life.

schecter takes for ever to ship.
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oh i know they sell schecters, i just meant that tif there was a certain model that wasnt in store would they be able to order it
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they will order it... they ordered my s1 elite as a "custom order" for me cuz it was left handed...

so dont worry about it
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They had a Variax 300 in black. I said I wanted it in sunburst. They said they could order it and get it for me at the same price. I aksed what there best price was & they knocked about 15% off right away.

I don't see why you ask these kind of questions here...you can take 5 minutes, call your local guitar center and get the right answer in a fraction of the time.
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