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i dont think i've ever heard anyone mention Anata on these boards. they're playing in Dublin tomorrow (well, today, technically), reckon i may go check em out. i've only heard Downward Spiral Into Madness, Entropy Within, and A Problem Yet to be Solved (all of which are on and they seem pretty ****in good.
the video for Entropy Within is up on youtube as well.

anyone know them, like them, seen them live?
i have Dreams of Death and Dismay and its really awesome
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ok, the gig yesterday was ****in class. the frontman is really cool too, was talkin to him just after they finished. one of the support acts was ****ing class too. if anyone wants to check em out -
Downward Spiral is excellent.

I find them especially good, but in a genre with so much outstanding musicians it's hard to really get noticed

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I have Conductor's Departure, but I couldn't seem to get into it the first time I listened, I need to pop it in again sometime though.
The only song i've heard is A Problem Yet to be Solved and i love it. I should really check out some of their other stuff when i get home
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The only song i've heard is A Problem Yet to be Solved and i love it. I should really check out some of their other stuff when i get home
The Conductors Departure is an awesome album
Quite good, I must say.
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I find they tend to be pretty monotonous at times, but overall a technically sound, strong band with vast potential. "Slain Upon His Alter" was the first I listened to from them, and I tend to like their older releases a little more then their newer stuff, like "Drain of Blood", "Under Azure Skies", and soforth. Their last two albums had shining moments, but like I said, monotonous at times. Still, in my opinion, they have nowhere to go but up.
I had only heard 'Entropy Within' until today, then I bought 'The Conductor's Departure', amazing album. I love the way the melodies are put together, they fit well without being cheesy.
im absolutely obsessed with anata. unfortunately i live in the states so i dont think i'll ever be able to see them live


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that album owned! but as a matter of interest, what didnt you like about it?
YeaH, i think i started a thread on them a good while ago

But yeah, Downward Spiral Into Madness is an awesome tune, though they need more solos!!!

When I came near losing my own life
It made me learn the true meaning of a smile
This band is amazing and needs more recognition. Everywhere. I Would Dream Of Blood is just ****ing epic.
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I also like Conductor's Departure.
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yar it is pretty sexy to say the least. although they arent my favourite Tech band as they are a little boring with repeated listening although that can be said for most bands i suppose
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They own. Quite talented. another good song is 'better greived then fooled'.

Word, that intro riff is AMAZING!
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So yea, I stumbled upon The Conductor's Departure. Really nice ****. Epic double bass in this, and really nifty rhythms.
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Wow havent listened to Anata in ages.. I must pick up some early stuff. Childrens laughter has some of my favourite drum patterns ever.
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0-0-0-13-0-0-0-0-13 or something like that alalalala but It;s so heavy and off time and awesome and you could not f**k anyone to it.

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I love the cover haha of The Conductor's Departure its quite epic as well as the title the titls are appropiate so well I must get it again! and uh Slain Upon His Altar from The Infernal Depths of Hatred is probably my favorite song by them ATM
incredible band, some of the only tech death i can consistently listen to

Better Grieved Than Fooled is great, that opening riff is so much fun to play, i'd love to have another guitarist to play both parts with...

any word on the quality of their other albums?
The Conductor's Departure is the only one i have, and the only one i've really seen discussed here
I love Die Laughing on Dreams of Death and Dismay!
And yes, Conductor's Departure is a sweet album. In fact, all of their albums are very good! Great band!

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I'm surprised no one ever talks about Infernal Depths, by far the best fucking album they have. Under Azure Skies is such a powerful song, gets me every time.
I just recently heard them and i like what i hear, ive only heard The Conductor's Departure but im going to listen to some more when i get the money to buy some cd's.
"Better Grieved than Fooled" is so great.
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