The bassist in my band is having trouble playing some complicated bass lines. We play metal and he usually makes great bass lines and riffs but their too hard for him to play. He was wondering if there are any bass techniques that he could practice to get better technique. I was thinking he could just practice the same things i practice but that has to do with speed and accuracy when it comes to solos and fast licks (i play guitar). So does anybody have any good tips or things that he could practice to get faster and better technique with metal.

Also if anyone wants to know: He uses a pick and he hates playing little two or three note bass line over and over. In our band im the only guitarist and we try to mix things up by actually riffing off of each other almost like hes playing guitar.

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Tell him to use his fingers. I find bass much easier to play with fingers.

yea tell him to play with his fingers its alot faster than a pick he'll get ussed to it after the calisus and stuff
^ Word up. There's not secret to being a better musician, you just need to practice, you have to be dedicated and you have to want to get better.
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yea i'm no bassist yet but he shud just keep practicin hes bound to get better in time
I agree with the pick deal.He should use his fingers.Once he develops the 3 finger technique he will play so much faster than with a pick. I got better with a lot of practice. I would play songs that were too hard for me and (try to)play them over and over again. EXE- I would be able to play For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica, than I started to learn how to play As I Am by Dream Theater. At first I could not play it, but playing over and over I was able to. Than pick another song thats harder and repeat. Just practice ever day and eventually you will get better and better.
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