It seems that I can only tune my Acoustic once to the right notes before I get a high E or B string slicing my finger when it breaks. There must be something wrong with my guitar or something, my G string is as tight as a rod, its hurting my fingers even when it doesn't snap back in my face.

I'm alright at guitar but clueless in maintenance, are they're strings that don't break as easily?
no clue wuts wrong....but LOL u said "my G string is as tight as a rod" hehehee soo funny man
sry for laughing, culdnt help it =p
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Yeah, you are going octaves above the proper note. Find tuning tones online so that you can listen to the note in the proper octave and tune the strings roughly by ear. Then fine tune with a digital tuner.

Edit: Try this http://www.jazzguitar.be/guitar_tuner.html
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If thats not it then the the action might be to high if the string si that hard to press down
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probally an octave up
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Maybe I'll be careful with the next time I tune (octaves) but it does sound normal once it's tuned right, I think if I tuned and octave down it would sound really low and loose.

P.S. My G-string was a joke, I was going to take it further but y'know . Actually there was a mentally challenged bass player in our music class that broke his and said "F**k, my f**cking g string broke again".
when you put new strings on do you wind it around the post a few times?? I used to have the same problem as you, but if you wind the string around the post a couple of times and then thread it through the hole you should be fine.

i've never tried it for obvious reasons... but is it really even possible to tune a G, B, or high E string up an entire octave without breaking it way before it gets back to the correct note? i would think that a B string would probably snap around D. i could be wrong about this, but that's just my thinking.

if i had to guess i would say that you have a rough/sharp spot on your saddle or on one of your frets. where are the strings breaking? are they breaking in the same place each time?
I agree with the posts above that saiid it probably is an Octave high.

Get your a tuner or if you got guitar pro or sumthing you can tune it with that ,playing a note and adjusting your string till they ring in perfect harmony.

Alternatly u can use an online tuner lol.

O and ye, G string joke was very funny
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i have the same problem and my guitar teacher said it is because for example if u are tuning the low d and u tune it too deep it will try and tune it to the higher d and therefore tell you to keep going higher and it will snap.

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I once did this when i first learnt to tune, use digital guitar tuner for the pc (via mic or directly if its electroacoustic) to get it right
Are you winding the strings in a downward motion because if not you are putting all the tension on the string and not the neck this would cause strings to snap and yor strings would be very tight.
ask_withnail might have a point because I don't wind the string around before I start tightening it, also randyrhoads seems to have pointed out something I might be doing wrong, heres how i've done my strings

Low E - Turn to the left will tune up
A - " "
D - " "
G - Turn to the right will tune up
B - " "
High E - " "

I also noticed that when I'm tuning my g and high e it is incredibly hard to move the tuner while the others are fairly smooth moving.
Sorry, I'm about to restring my guitar, can someone just tell me some important things (which way to turn the nobs, etc.)

Jimtaka asked where my strings break, its usually only my high E,b, and G. My high E just broke right at the tuning nob, and my G has usually broken at the base or straddle.
Something like that happened to me, I had been tuning an octave to high. Sigh.
An old fashioned pitch pipe, or a tone generator, is a good safeguard against over-tuning. I use a pitch pipe when setting up a guitar. I get all the strings on and fairly slack, then find the fret that has the pitch pipe pitch, then tune it up until the open string pitch is the same as the pitch pipe.
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