I just finished Sanitarium from Metallica. its not completely done yet tho, still some mixing things to take care of, and a couple timing issues here and there. let me know what you think

I really like you distortion tone, can u link us to which tab you used?
Song sounds good
i get asked to link to the tabs i use for almost every song i do. the problem is i rarely use one tab for a song, because too often the tab isnt completely right. ill use a tab as a starting point, and use my ear to tell if its good or not. in the case of metallica, ill watch video of the songs and see how they actually play it, which helps a lot. finally, i can say most of the tabs i use come from this site, although it will often be 2 or 3 tabs that i take parts from that sound good.
i didnt particularly like the clean tone, but the lead tone was quite nice. the intro was a little sloppy, otherwise i say decent enough.

7.5/10 mostly cuz of the intro and clean tone
I cannot open the website...I think the link is broken
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what guitar are you using?
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timing in the very beginning before the drums is a little off, i liked the tone, nice chorus and distortion very similar to metallica's, u nailed the solos, vocals would have been sick but nonetheless nice job man, did u double track the first chorus? u should pan those guitars 50% to the left and right if u did...

good job overall!!!

here's a link to mine for symphony of destruction if u have the time, thanks

Not too fond on the clean tone, the chorus sounds about right but could do with more treble and reverb.
The distortion is very good, although the power chords throughout the song shouldn't have any reverb while your solos could do with plenty of reverb and delay.
Playing was good though, although the last solo needs some work (bends aren't big enough, too much wah which is right if you're trying to make it sound live but Kirk didn't use that much wah when he recorded MoP).
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