soon i should have around 600$, and im looking to invest into an amp. Now im not necessarily looking for the most effects or anything, i have a zoom g2 pedal and love that, i personally love a few patches i have programmed when i play it straight to headphones, so effects aren't huge in what i need. Im looking for a solid state most likley, and in this price range. It has to be loud but sound great loud too, since me and a few friends get together and have up to 4 guitars, keys, bass, a crazy drummer, and 4 channels of mics at once and not enough room to mic an amp up. I know everyone is going to say cube or vox or save up more money for a tube, but i dont think im ready for that yet (im an unemployyed 16 year old).


im interested in the vox Ad100vt amp
http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Valvetronix-AD100VT-100W-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=482623, i know they aren't the greatest for metal and hardcore (as i lay dying is a popular example) but i can get that out of my pedal i have even with my current crappy amp on clean channel, so im not worried about getting that out, and i play alot more then just hardcore stuff most the time

any feeedback is welcome thanks
Save up for a tube, or look for a used one.
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yeah you dont need 100 watt solid state.....i dont know anyone who does..

get a small tube combo and maybe an OD pedal (15 watts tube sounds like 35-45 ss)

you dont need more than 20 watts tube unless maybe a valveking but you should stay away from it. its loud but it sounds like ss

so no valveking

maybe a small traynor or a blues jr w/ a ts or od9 pedal
for 600 bucks you can get a used 5150 combo or a peavey ultra 60 head and cab which would be way better than a solid state anything
if you want the vox, go for the ad60vt, probably their best model. And as I don't like the 5150 i'm going to recommend you the traynor YCV40T