thats ****ing sexy.

baritones have a longer scale neck. and are made for low tuning.
talk to agile.
im sure they could put that stuff on a reg. guitar, it might run you some extra cash...but agile isnt that much money anyway.
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If you tuned up to standard tuning the strings would be very very stiff. Use a capo if you ever want to play something in standard.
^ i think he meant lighter strings.

it might work with lighter strings, like a tenor/picolo bass.
okay nvm then.

also what is the difference between the scales lenghs? something about 24.75 and 25.55 or something like that

is it like, size of frets? there is this guitar that has a shorter scale which is like, 24 something, but i dont want fret 24 to be so small that i need to use my nail to fret it.

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No, you won't be able to play in standard tuning, maybe in Drop C in light baritone strings (.013s)
But baritones are really made for B tuning or Drop A tuning, which makes it so secksheh.
The long scale neck means that the strings will be so tight, that just a 1/4tone bend will break the strings, and the neck will roll over like there is no tomorrow, and the bridge, even if it's a string through, will rip the ball ends off the string, pull the tuners towards the nuts etc etc.