Okay, I was up last night around three in the morning, and I was watching the Estaban guitar infomercial.
I've gotten told by some guitarists how the guitar sort of sucks, and what I saw, I thought was to be quite amazing.
He was selling a special edition cutaway, all-wood finish, acoustic-electric guitar. It had all the trinkets as well.

My question to you is; Do you think it's worth it to pay 4 payments of $50.00 to get a 22 piece set that's supposidly a $800.00 value?

I'm considering it, but just wanted to check with some pros here.
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If you have the money why not? I've heard Estaban is a pretty nice guy as well so I don't think he would be selling complete crap. And if it is then you have a nice birthday gift for someone in your family
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zakk wild went on a rant about this in this months guitar world lmao

but frankly its probably as good any guitar in the price range...
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I'm sure it's not as bad as many say it is. You ALWAYS pretty much run a risk when buying a guitar, so if you want it, go for it. Besides, it's an alleged $600 savings. Why pass it up?
yeah if you've got money that you aren't doing anything with... get it
apparently estaban has a huge ****.

so says zakk wylde.
I played an Esteban once.

It was like playing razorblades. Be wary If you decide to purchase one, they might not all suck as bad as the one I played and you do get a shitload of stuff with it, but I think you'd be better off saving up for an Alvarez.
Yeah don't get an estaban acoustic. they do suck. hes just ripping of guitar newbs..stay away. (its cheap but keep in mind that you get what you pay for)

Just save up and get a quality guitar. If you did buy one you could never bring it in public because people would laugh at your estaban guitar....

id be embarassed by it. but whatever makes you happy.

Go for a cheap alverez or seagull
i dont really know but i asked my guitar teach if he had ever heard of it and he said that he had even bought it but when he got it it wasnt in good condition... the action and the truss rod was outawack.... and he didnt feel like he should have to adjust that on a brand new guitar... but if he bought it it is prolly a good guitar... just a single flawed guitar... if u have the money i would try it out
Check out the reviews on Harmony Central. Not only do they tell the story, some are quite humerous. Don't buy one they suck!!!!
yeah man esteban guitars are a ****ing scam, buy a cheap yamaha or something.
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Dude...listen to me, I own this guitar, it does suck. When I first got it, it looked nice and stuff, but the frets weren't filed all the way, so every time I played my hand got all cut up. Also, there was some mayjor fret buzz and it was so bad on the 14th fret, it didn't even make any sound. The neck has a terrible feel, so does the fretboard. The cord that came with it broke about a week after I got it. The amp that comes with it sounds like crap too. But, over time, the frets filed down by themselves, and I adjusted the neck so I get sound on all the frets. Also, it needs a 9-volt battery for the e.q. to work, they didn't tell me that, so I had to wait a few days to plug it in. It sounds ok plugged in, I prefer it unplugged though. I wish I had the cutaway or the nylon string cutaway. So, here is my point, if you have a tight budget and want to get an ok deal on a beginner's guitar, and amp, then get this. But if you can afford a little more, get a Washburn or something. But, I have learned to deal with what I have, it's an ok guitar, not the best, not the worst, just ok.
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Get a cheap Squier acoustic or something. You'd be way better off doing that.
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Ironically, I just saw the infomercial yesterday. He really didn't let you hear the actual sound of the guitar and had his band play over whenever the people played it.

It was pretty funny.
LOL OMG wat u just said was soo true... he never let u actually hear the guitar itself.....idk hes pretty good at guitar, but the guitar prbably isnt
my buddy had an estaban and he hates it............my $60 yamaha has a better feel and sound than that trash
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