Hey guys, I've been playing for about 3 years now and I dont really know where to go with my guitar playing from here. I Work on alot of Imporovisation with the minor blues pentatonic scale and am currently trying to memorize the other modes and such. I just dont know were to go from here should i keep on memorizing and improvising with these modes, or should i start learning other peoples songs? What would you reccomend?
start jamming with other people that you know. Once you get past the jitters of your first jam sessions you'll be surprised how much you pick up from your fellow players. They don't even have to be guitarists either
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Look at the modes. See how they switch into each other. IE the first 6 notes in the c major scale are the ionian mode, which goes to the next 6 notes on DG which is also the locrian mode pattern, and then to aeolian on the BE strings.

Also you can work on converting major scale modes to their harmonic minor counterparts by raising the 7th a half step. If you have any material or sites that show the mathematical equations of these scales over the fretboard, it would be easier to understand.
Hey guys thanks alot ill start looking for people to Jam with and start really looking for connections between the modes.