I just wrote this in about four minutes, it's not really a serious piece, but I just wanted to write something and express my feelings (Does that make me emo? Jk!). Let me know what you think.


There once was a man who would sing his songs of crime and love,
and a woman who saved this man from going above,
but gone they are now, above together,
in peace and love - forever and ever.

But before they passed they left a legacy,
reels and reels of songs,
and though Johnny sang them like a horse can charge,
much of the credit to June belongs.

Thank God for June, I am singing, and I know John?ll agree,
because she was there for Johnny, and now Johnny is looking out for me.
Thank God for June, I am shouting out loud,
and if Johnny knew one thing, it was how to please a crowd.

He had a rough patch, but she was there,
he was lucky to have someone who cared.
Through drugs and drink she fought for his life,
and it took him forty times to make her his wife.

On March the 1st, in 1968,
they tied the knot that for years he had to wait,
and from then ?til death, they shared their life and love,
and now they are together, way up above.

Thank God for June, I am singing for all those that love John,
and although I miss him now he?s gone.
I?m happy to believe that they?re together,
living like they want to, forever and ever.

Thank God for June, thank God for June,
Thank God for June, thank God for June.
Thank God for June.