Well, for picking, think of when people do that action of waving their hands across their neck to make someone stop talking about a certain something. Thats what I do, at least.
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Do you want to do more of a princess wave motion with your picking hand (twisting).

Or do you want to do like a normal wave goodbye motion?

Or perhaps a combo of them both?

ok, i'm going to help you out so that you don't sound like a n00b by giving you the proper terms

princess wave - rotationary (rotational) picking
regular qave - translatory (translation) picking
knocking motion - oscillatory (oscillation) picking

oscillatory picking is considered the best type of picking for gaining speed with minimal tension, and is best combined with rotation when string skipping for the best effect

translatory picking creates more tension if attempted to gain speed above about 12 or 13 nps...the advantage is that it's very even sounding and is great for accentuation and overall slow playing

it's good to learn all types of picking movements so that you can use them for different types of situations
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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