I posted this song a few months ago but it was crappy before. check it out and tell me what you thought!


He spent all his time
Getting ****ed up on that ganje
He spent all those years
Getting jacked up, that was kanye.

Always looking for it looking for that green
Spent all his time smokin that tree
Tall kid with long brown hair
Toked that bong he didnt ever care
Smoked out rooms was the habitat
Long were the hours in which he sat
Closed his eyes laid back
Time to get ready for another bowl pack

The story doesn't have a happy finish
His brain and body seemed to diminish
Shrank into his own cucoon
Hid inside himself in his own padded room
Idiot sevante you could call it
Considering he was great at not giving a ****
Never cared about the future
Because he never wanted a future

Alienated from family from friends
The shape of things only depends
On how you percieve things
through your smoke rings
Like a freakshow at the circus
That nobody ever attends
Severe cotton mouth and a singed bed
Bloodshot eyes and an empty head

True story people
Selling a FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz. 35 o.b.o. Any takers?
Cool piece, I like the drug and apathy theme, it flows nicly, though I did think that this was going to be about the rapper.

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Nice piece. Sad story since it's true. Good job.

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