i dunno about this. i just kinda absent-mindedly wrote it a while ago. Its a little cliche i know. what dyou think?

Welcome to the future
Isn't it a wonderful place
Welcome to 2006
Where we have no face

Welcome to the future
Where the world is run
By myspace, meth, and money
And the smog engulfs the sun

Music wasnt always worthless
It didn't used to be about
sex,drugs,and rock n roll
It used to be about soul
But don't we all know its about cash
In the world of 2006
Its always about the cash
Raise a toast to our forefathers

And i can't help but feel
Disconnected from it all
This can't be real
The truths gonna show someday
Selling a FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz. 35 o.b.o. Any takers?
Good ideas, true statements, except for what mastabassist pointed out... sex drugs and rock n roll have been a huge part of music at virtually any point in music. I mean, as D. Malakian puts it, "they used to sing 'let's to the twist', and that wasn't really far off from saying 'let's have sex'..." or something like that... people are able to be more open about sex and drugs and stuff like that then way back in the day... a lot of the songs are about the same thing, although the new ones may not be as well written. Anyways, I thought it was better than decent, good job...

crit for crit?
i like it though, next year in 2007 will you change the words at all or will it stay, im sorry its a dumb question i just wanted to know, but other than that i liked it. its pretty good. raise a toast to our forefathers. i like that.

Crit for Crit?
Don't get me wrong though, its very well written, I just don't like the theme.

Crit for crit? Links in the sig.
Very simple, and sort of cliched, but somehow manages to be good. I usually don't like songs that make it obvious what they're about, but I somehow like this one.

I imagined it as sort of Megadethy/early Kill Em All sort of Metallica. I know it's probably not this, but what sort of music is it?
uh that is already a song, by metallica called welcome home(sanitarium) but it is not like what you wrote
Just throwing my opinion in here... it's not about sex drugs and rock and roll to me. It's about soul. How we feel put into music to share with the world. Maybe it was at times about sex drugs and rock and roll, but it's very overrated now, sadly.

Anyways I enjoyed it!
Yah it was well written, had good points, and everybody probably thoght the same except for "sex, drugs and rock n' roll". Good job.