i have two pedals: a behringer vintage tube overdrive (its green if you know all of their colors) and a danelectro fab distortion. does it matter what ac adapter i get for them so i can plug them into the wall and not use a battery? does the adapter need to be made by the company to work or will any one work for any pedal? how do you know which adapter to use? are they even called ac adapters (waht i mean is the dealy that plugs into the stomp box and then you can plug it into the wall so you dont need to usea battery anymore) thanks a lot.
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depends on the voltage they take. some take 9 volts while others take 18. if it normally takes one 9v battery then a 9v adapter will work. otherwise add up the voltage on each of the batteries it takes to get your answer.
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yeah, they both use one 9 volt battery. so, does that means that any 9v adapter will work for them?
!! look at more than the Voltage !!

FABs run on 9 volts, 300 ma, unless the behringer runs on exactly those two settings youre likely to damage something, if not it simply wont work.

those two settings is all that differentiates one wall wart from another.

other than the logo.
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mA is miliAmperes. its how you measure current.

if you can find something damn cheap that happens to have the same values as something you have at home, it will almost definitely work.

you dont really use the mA rating to determine anything, other than if one thing is right for another.

unless youre talking about hundreds of amps but thats another story.


just to clarify, Amperes are the unites of current measurement.

'Mili' just designates the decimal place.

300 miliamperes is .3 of an ampere.

300 amperes is 300 amperes.
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I have a simular situation and thought I'd avoid a new thread. I bought a digitech Metal Master off Ebay for $30 and understand that they eat up batteries bad. I looked at getting the adapter for it and theyre wanting around $30 for the bastard shipped! Sounds like a ripoff. Ive found a few different adapters around the house. The "official" adapter is 9.6 volts 300Ma class 2. The three I found are all class 2. One is 9.5 volts 1000Ma, one is 9.5 volts 1300Ma, and the last is 9 volts at 300Ma. I understand you just need to make sure the pedal isnt pulling more amperage than the adapter can supply, so would the 9.5 1300Ma be my best bet or will all of these work fine? Thanks.