I'm buying my first electric guitar. i've been playing acoustic for over a year now and want to get into electric. i wanna be able to play some alternative, punk, indie, and some rock. i just wanna know what the best all around guitar i can get for under $400.
try epiphone, they are good quality guitars for a good price, if you upgrade to gibson pickups for like 100 bucks when eevr you have the money it comes close to a gibson

try looking at the G-400 sg by epiphone, good guitar for a good price
heres a link to it, it plays good rock, metal, basically if you wnna play straight up rcok is what sg is good for, but also can play other genes, i personally think it sounds best for heavy rock, rock n roll, metal, ect.


try the les paul also, its in your price range, and plays a wide range of music, plays almost any gene of music

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one of the g&l's tribute models would be great. i've got one, and i've read reviews by players who own a lot of other, more expensive guitars as well and they've had good reviews all around.
Do you already have an amp?
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wait, do you mean an amp too? or are you just talking about the guitar
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i got my mim fender strat for about 360 and then you can replace the pickups for about 100-250 depending on how pricy you want to get,
i love my strat by the way and ahvent replaced anything
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My uncle just bought an OLP MusicMan1 for $250 and it's a damn fine guitar. The unfinished neck feels great. The pick ups are crunchy and clear too.
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get a fender standard strat or a fat strat. Can't really go wrong with either. just make sure you try out the guitar before buying jsut to check if it is a "dud" or not. the consistency on the mexican fenders aren't that great and some of them are pretty bad, but if you find the right one, it will be awesome.
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