Hey guys. Yes this is my first post here at forum although I come to ultimate guitar at least 3 times a day now. Anyways, I know this has been posted a million times probaly but I am looking to buy a new electric guitar. I have been playing for a little more than a year now with my Stagg. They seem really good for the money (about $100) and sound decent to start with. However, now I want something that sounds a little better. Now I dont play in bands or anything mainly just as a hobby when Im bored. I have a decent practice amp too (Fender Frontman 25R). Now, for this new guitar I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on where to start looking. I am looking to spend no more than $250 max on something that will put out better sound than my current guitar. The type of music I play is Alternative, Rock, Metal, Punk, basically any type of rock etc. I would appreciate any help in finding a nice guitar. Oh yeah prefereably something that has lower strings and has 24 frets Thanks guys.
Save up until you have about $500. $250 won't get you much better than your current guitar. I know that's not what you wanted to hear but it's the truth.
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I cant realy say much because I havent even gotten my first electric guitar yet (still saven money to buy one). But If your going to get your secound guitar, wouldnt you want to spend more then 250 max? Thats the budget most people have when looking for there first.
well that is of now. my first guitar i got as a gift for my 18th so it wasnt my $100 lol. i figure i want to get this guitar maybe around christmas. i can wait and save up money with no problem, it will just give me more time to get better and push this guitar to its fullest.
for that much, you can get a low end ibanez... the RG series is okay, and i know a lot have 24 frets... not sure what you mean by "lower strings" though...

spend a little more- even 400 will do nicely
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Well the 1st guitar I got was an Ibanez. Only for the purpose of Metal. Cuz I wanted to play metal. and I guess if you got a deal you might be able to get a good guitar . Maybe. but save up as much as you can just incase.
they do look nice and guitar center is the only place i go for guitar stuff. any particular rg you are thinking of? i see like 20 on ibanez website lol. by lower strings i mean like how high they are above the fretboard. the ones on my stagg are kinda high up which makes it harder to do like taps and stuff. my friend has a warlock platinum and his are really close to the fretboard and its much easier to do stuff.
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For $300 you can get a Washburn WI64D, which, in my opinion is one of the best guitars in the price range.
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thanks for the early suggestions here and quick replies. ive got a lot of saving and looking into to do to find the perfect guitar for me and my budget though lol.