Hey everyone this is my first real recording that I consider to be worthy for others to listen. I just started singing recently and it definitely is not my strong point, so just let me know how to improve and what you guys think about this. Be harsh if you must, I can take it.

the recording quality sounds good, i dont know this song to be honest, your trying to sing to low, let your voice expand and then work on it from there, your holding back or something, ( i do it to, its an amature mistake and im still working it out) but you seem to have the guitar down
I'm truley sorry to be so brutley honest.

But that was one of the worst recordings I've ever heard in my life.

I'm a huge PJ fan.. and I think you completley desicrated that song.

But okay, aside from the terrible voice.

You need some EQ work done to the guitar, it wavers at times. And, are you using two seperate mic's.. or one?
I tune low, use heavy strings, and floor it. Floor it... thats techincal talk.

I'm just here to play. So please, if you have something deragatory to post about me, I have a map directing you on where you can go.
Wow, didn't think it was THAT bad, but I guess I have some work to do...

I'm not really sure how to EQ the guitar, what should I be adding to it (highs lows or mids)? Its just one mic because I don't have money to get another mic and stereo recording equipment, so until then this is what I can do.

Thanks for givin it a listen though, if anyone has any basic tips for my singing I'd appreciate it cause I really have no idea how to sing.