ok so im trying to make a band with my friends and we got all of the instruments down and we are having our first little meeting soon. but none of us know how to write music. one of my friends can but like he kinda screws with stuff untill it sounds good. but we still dont know how to write lyrics. if anyone could help with that little problem it would be greatly apreciated. yeah...thats about it.
Well the only way to get good at writing lyrics is to practice. The more you write the better it will become.

Also learn scales and things so you won't have to spend so much time figuring out what sounds good at random when you are writing or soloing. Remember though that theory is just a guideline and you do not have to obey it all the time, or any time at all, but it helps

Try the bandleading forum
is there really any wrong way to write music? No. so whatever you do is right )in a sense). for me it comes naturally becase ive done it for long enough. i can sit down adn play and find somthing that i like then build off of that. but you might want to learn some different things like scales, theory, etc. just try writing long enough and you will find what sounds good and doesnt. like the guy said, practice.