hey my first post but i come here for tabs like 5 times a day anywhoo, i have a squire pbass right now ive been playing for a little over a year now and im look at a new bass i have 500 saved right now and im thinking about saving for a thunderbird is it worth it or should i go for the fender jazz perscion?
ahhh good. yea depends on how confident you are if u think the extra that goes into the thunderbird is gonna be worth it then def. wait for it
i waited two years to go from an ibanez gsr190 to a schecter c4xxx. take your time.

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the vintage sunbirst a gibson not a cheap epiphone remake

but it looks like you know what you're lookin for so i think you would be safe goin after the thunderbird
thanks guys my friends tell me gibson bass's are **** and im not sure about that my friends dad has a john paul jones bass and it sounds beautiful (its a fender) but his dad also says dont get gibson and hes been playing bas for over 30 years in many bands and many shows so that kinda conflicts me there and the fact that both my bass teachers have fenders and the one who plays the big gigs around town has 3 different fenders discourages me also im so confused o_O