I know that if you switch string guages up one, you dont usually have to touch teh thruss rod.

But my guitar had 9's on before and currently has 10's, If i were to but 11's on, would i have to get it set up? I have only set it up once, when it had the 9's on.
my guitar came with a set of 9's on it and I've used 11's frequently without any problems. I might've even used 12's once but I can't remember too well
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what kind of bridge do you have? if you have one that goes through the body (like on a strat) you have to screw around with the springs in the back. thicker strings means more tension, which means you need more tension in those springs to keep your bridge at a nice height.
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well you'd probably have to shave down in the nut to fit the 11's in, which would probably be a good job for your local luthier and or guitar shop, and perhaps a truss rod adjustment would be in order as well, so basically yeah, it'll get set up again
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