Just after some advice. The electronics in my Epiphone Les Paul are pretty much stuffed. I want to bastardise it with some new pick ups but and turn it into something with a nice warm but thrashy metal tone... I'm not too fussed about making big changes to it because it's had its day in the sun and isn't a classic guitar or anything like that.

Has anyone got an idea as to what pick ups would sound good on the Les Paul body? I'm very open to suggestions, especially if people have cut and shut a les paul before...

Cheers for that.
EMG, Bare Knuckles, Swineshead.

those should be right up your alley.
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yeah, my friend has a epi les paul with EMG's and it sounds like just what you are looking for
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Cool, would you say EMG-85?
I'm psyched. Money isn't too much of a problem... I just want a dramaticallydifferent sound from the Les Paul. I've just added a '61 reissue SG to my collection and want to have a vastly different sound from it using the old girl, that's all.
Any other changes that might help?
The Amp I'm running is a Vox AC30 CC2, just picked it up the other day. Pedals are a Boss Turbo Distortion, a Morley NSW Optical Wah and a Crother Hot Cake... Basically, the bastardised Les Paul will only be run with the Turbo Distortion I'd say...
Wow. Yeah, I don't think the Vox will like the thrash too well, but I guess you could try it.

My suggestion would be to buy an overdrive pedal and put that in front of your distortion for the thrash stuff.
Sounds like a good idea... I had the Crowther and the turbo distortion on at the same time a few days ago and it was a great thrashy sound.