I just got this babe of a guitar (ithink) a schecter c-1 plus .

i want it to last long and play well as ive been saving for a while. How often should i polish the fretboard and how do you do that (if i screw it up im screwed---in a bad way)???


also if there are other things i should do, to the body or something

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I just scrape the sludge off my frets every few months with a toothpick and wipe it down with a damp sponge.
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there are cleaner/polish solutions you can get specifically designed for fretboards. i use just use my ghs fastfret string cleaner to clean mine and havent had any problems (rosewood board), but i imagine other cleaners might treat the wood better, i.e., smooth it, keep it from drying out, etc. do a musiciansfriend.com search
gibson has a finish restoration kit that has a fretboard conditioner, I believe it is lemon oil. I use the stuff and it keeps my frets looking brand new and feeling great.
do it once every 6 months and use a toothbrush and use lemon oil that should remove most if not all of the grime on your fretboard
congrats on the new guitar.

pick up a dunlop or gibson guitar care kit. its got lemon oil for the bridge, like said a couple times a year.
and its got polish for the body. ull want to keep that finished neck nice and slick.

when i clean my boards, i take off all the strings, but make sure if u remove all ur strings, u know how to set up ur guitar again afterwards.

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