Okay. I have 500 dollars and I'm ready to buy my second guitar. I'm looking for a guitar that has a good smooth neck that I can do solos on, and pickups that can play metal (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth) well. I'm not sure if the exact model I've played a couple days at Guitar Center was the Ibanez RG 350DX, but it was similar to that (had a DX at the end). It was 449.99 there. Which one of these two would be the better buy?

Mind you I really can't save up and get something better, because this 500 dollars is reward money, it's a take it or leave it situation.

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i would personaly go explorer because its looks and sounds metal once you have changed pickups but im geting one im goanna leave oringal pickups in for a lil while be fore i exchange them out for some emgs or semore duncans

so explorer i recon also metallic ahave used them for like 20 years so they must be alright aye?
SilverStratocas- Have you played the Explorer yet? If not, play it.
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