Side Effects of Death

The sun, it burns my eyes
as they begin to boil black
I just keep staring on
because I don't dare look back

You said you'd never do it
said you'd never kill
But now you've ****ing killed yourself
death ended all your ills

And now as I watch you
lying lifless on the floor
I feel myself detaching
As my tears begin to pour

chorus But all I have to do is take a pill
and suddenly I've turned back time
Everythings as it was before
The beauty is sublime

but all the effects are gone
and now i see you clear
but its not like it was before
your casket fills me with dispair


I left flowers on your grave today
And read what the writing said
"loving son and brother
and devoted friend"

But I guess along the way
your dedication was hazed by pain
because your not with me anymore
only ice runs through my veins


so maybe death ends all your ills
but what happends to the ones you left behind?
because all they have are memories
and short lived pills, that turn back time

Ok, so there it is, please tell me what to improve, because I havent written much and I'd like to improve.