I don't know if anybody has seen Sonic Youth on their current tour but they stopped through my town and I saw them. Awesome Color from Moore's label Ecstatic Peace was with them at the time, and they kicked ass! They're kind of an Alternative/Pychedelic Rock band who has some really amazing potential. They had CDs on sale and I made sure to pick one up, its an amazing 8 track introduction into what looks to be a one day GREAT band. Amazing tunes like Grown and Free Man are at the peak of the CDs amazing sound. Anyway, if anybody else likes them post, and maybe we can spread the word to those who haven't had the pleasure to hear them.

Here's their Myspace:

And their page on Ecstatic Peace:
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They were good, but not great. Their music is too repeatative. Their drummer, Allison, is really nice. I met her at the show and we chatted about the show for about 5 minutes and she and the band signed the CD I bought.

That's awesome man, from the interview I read on Ecstactic Peace she seemed like a nice girl. I'm not sure that I see what you are saying about the repetativeness in their music, but either way glad to know that I'm not the only one who knows them on here.
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They don't really tickle my fancy though. What I heard of them bored the hell out of me.