ive read difrent definitions and im still confused, and i read sheet music w/ harmonics involved
plz help
a harmonic is when u lie ur finger(s) on certain
frets 4 example the 12th or 5th frets. u don't
even need to press down on the fret . u just put
ur finger(s) on fret line thingy. does that make
The vibration of a string produces an initial sound - the primary note that is being played - plus certain overtones, notes that are softer in volume than the primary sound but still add to the sound produced.

When the primary sound is deadened, the overtone rings clearly - commonly called a harmonic.

Different instruments have different overtones; this is why a piano sounds different from a tuba or a triangle.

ok. so u kno the fret lines? lie ur finger lightly on
the 12th fret line. and then pick the string just
like ur playing a note. and then take ur finger off
of the string..ur fretting finger. it can be on n e
ook i get that.. but like it says A.H on some songs like down w/ the sickness by disturbed.... is that the same thing? orrrr am i missin the boat still........ GRR :-P...

ne advice would be great... thx

srry..but can u tell me which version it is? cause
there's like, twenty versions or somethin..of
down w/ the sickness..thanx