so you might remember my last thread asking for amp suggestions. well my price range as just gone a long ways up. i got a job todayfull time 11 hour shifts five days a week. so im going to have a buttload of cash.

So, i figure im going to be wasting my entire summer working, so i better have something to show for it. something with like several hundred watts

so whats good on this page im thinking of trying to hit for about 1100-1300 with a head and cab.

so heres the cab page off the site i would like to buy from http://www.axemusic.com/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=71&numRecordPosition=21&ph=cat&strKeywords=Bass%20Guitar%20Cabinets&&strSearchCriteria=&strProductsOrderby=P_Name1

and heres the head page http://www.axemusic.com/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=70&strKeywords=Bass+Guitar+Amp+Heads&strPageHistory=cat

so whats going to give me a nice metal tone. i need this for a metal band.

so far im thinking maybe hartke h4000 head, ampeq b2re 450 watt head, Ampeg Classic Series SVPCL Tube

and for cabs i was thinking the Hartke VX Series 4x10

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Assorted Original Acoustics

PM if interested
I personally own the Ampeg B2RE head and i love it... i can get almost any tone i want, Jazz Metal, grunge, rock, classical... anything at all.... amazing head
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Hartkes are pretty good, nothing all that special though and I've heard many think the tone-quality is, uhh, not-so-good...I honestly think they got the job done, they dont much more or less than that...Which is fine with me because I spent 175 USD on a used 300 Watt Hartke head, so yea I'm happy with it ...I'm not too sure about the cabs though...

But, since you said you were going to be working your ass off and making a good bit of money you may want something better than the Hartke...and if you want a huge, deep, chest thumping, modern rock-metal tone, go for the ampeg, their cabs sound huge...I played the rare Ampeg 4x8 one time and was surprised at how humungous it sounded!..The heads are pretty good too, as pink cilli said...so yea, look into those...
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I heard an SWR Megoliath cab and it felt like my chest was compressed more then Duff's tone. It was amazing, the only drawback is the price of SWR gear. But you get what you pay for. Ampeg is always a good choice since basically every rock/metal/grunge/any loud obnoxious type of music bassist uses or has used them. I've heard and read a lot of good things about the VX cabs.

Check out the Hartke's with aluminum cones too, they have a lot of attack and presence which helps you cut through which is almost always a problem in metal for bassists.

Like I always tell people, don't be afraid to look for used gear, I've seen amazing deals on eBay that made me wish I waited and looked around before getting my Ashdown. There's nothing wrong with it but after I bought it I found an Ampeg SVT Pro-3 for $350, it sold for $400. Brand new they're around $800 I think.

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