waht are pedalboards and what are they used for? i know they have something to do with your stomp boxes, but what?
people will get a board of whatever material, and attach their stompboxes and seperate effects to it so it is easier to transport - you dont have a lot of little boxes floating around

i think
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ya exactly.

a cheap alternative to paying for something from guitar center is getting some kind of metal breifcase type thing
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To hold all your pedals on, so they're easier to transport, don't take as long setting up, don't have as much clutter, and just overall neatness.

Check the link in my sig, it's the pedalboard I made.
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Isn't self explanatory? A board for your pedals?

Instead of looking like this unorganized mess:

It can look like this ORGANIZED mess:
so people pay hundreds of dollars for these things when all you need is like, a bag to carry them in?
Some people need heavy-duty flight cases as to protect them during the course of a tour.
It's not so much just something to carry your pedals in its (imo) better use is the ability to have all your pedals in one place and like RHCP have them arranged in a neat way and not having to set up again and again if you're play in a lot of different places.
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