I've heard of people adding things like reverb to their amps and well, I was wondering if anyone could add a whole nother channel to their amp? Would it degrade the sound of the other two channels?
more channels = more tubes or etc!
it shouldn't really affect the sound of the other channels, but my friend's amp (which is supposidly 2 channels) does this thing where when you have something plugged into channel 1, if you mess around with the channel 1 volume knob, it acts like a presence control.

Note, it's a homebrew fender deluxe.
Damn, I doubt anyone would actually want to make another channel. I wish Orange came out with a Triple Channel Amp.

You think if I could switch out the 6L6s in a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier with EL34s I could get closer to a Orange sound? What else could propel me towards Orange? Obviously one of their cabs.
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not necessarily an orange cab, just some celestion vintage30s
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Cool. So if I changed the tubes and put in Celstion 30s, how exactly close do you think I could come?
i'm not sure how close you'd get, but you'd really, REALLY want to rebias your amp if you're swapping tubes
just in case, you know.
Why not sell your Mesa and get an Orange if you love them so much?
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