I called up this guy about this Jackson he had for sale. The ad just said Jackson Professional so i figured I'd call him up and ask what model professional it is (Dinky, Soloist etc.). It turns out that the guitar is actually just called "Jackson Professional" with nothing else. It looks just like a dinky though. So i looked around the internet and cannot find a guitar just named "Jackson Professional". He says it retailed for almost 1000$ new, he bought it second hand for 600$ and now hes selling it to me for 300$. but i cant even find it to see if hes right about it being 1000$ new. CANADIAN money by the way.

so does anyone know of this "Jackson Profesional"? and of anyone does how does it play?

heres pics... fret board looks a little worn... it's got a floyd though

It looks like the Jackson SC in the mid position is stock, Jackson pickups didn't come in great guitars, I wish I could see the FR symbol better to tell if it was an OFR. Might be a decent guitar for $300.
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I don't really think a Jackson guitar with jackson made pups would retail for $1000. I doubt that.
Black Jackson Dinky 2
Peavey Envoy 110
and that's it.
Dude I have a Jackson Kelly Professional and it's only worth $375. I doubt this one is worth $1000 new.
yah people keep telling me to keep looking and ill find something better, i got 500$,
I think I'm going to go with that advice thanks guys.

BTW, what would be a good metal/hardrock guitar for around 500$ CAN? I looking for second hand so it's much cheaper.
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i have a jackson "professional" king v, got it for $400 american
overall its a pretty good guitar, i really like it my.
its head stock look exactly like the headstock of the dinky
All lies, he just wants to make it sound like your getting a huge deal.
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