ok my question to you is...do you have a favorite pick that you like to use. or do you just use any one that you can find when you pick up your guitar? i have 2 favorite picks. one is a tortex .50 that has lasted me years. and the other one is a dunlop nylon .73 which i normally use for my acoustics. so tell me what you like to use.
nope i lose them too fast
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i dont but i dont like floppy picks so thats a start
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Yup, a Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0m with one of the holes filled with super glue and the gloss sanded off. I've been using the same one since september
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Dunlop Nylon 1MM. They're black though so sometimes I lose them on the floor or don't realize there's one on top of my amp. They're just flexable enough to not impede me, but solid enough they don't flip around while chugging away.
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Medium Fender

i've had the same purple one for like 6 months

those fender picks are heaven, never thought i'd like them but i got one for free and man did it feel right compared to my dunlop one.
Cool picks...with the sandpaper like grip.
its irritating as hell in the beginning.
but you get used to it.

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A multicoloured Stagg pick, it's great.
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i use someone else's (left round my house) heavy blue fender pick, its good for metal and wont break my strings much because i have 11.s, also good for tapping
I've got a trio...depends on what pick i feel like using:

Some white thing that came free with a magazine (not sure on size, looks slightly thinner than 1mm)
Black Dunlop Nylon 1mm
Red Stagg 1mm
dunlop big stubby 1-2mm. they're small, great for pinch harmonics, and the name is cool.
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1.5 mm dunlops
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1 mm dunlop tortex
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okay...for electrics, i'll either use a d'andrea or planet waves 1mm delrex pick...i like them because they will sorta stick to your fingers, can be solid enough to deliver great pinch harmonics, and you can still speed pick

for acoustic strumming, i use .5m d'andrea nylon picks

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Cant remember what it is, but its metalic blue, medium, and slightly bendy. V. good for strumming as well as picking, I spent the whole day looking for it when it was for some reason above the F8 key
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I use dunlop jazz
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Dunlop Big Stubby 3.0mm Purple/Blue
Dunlop 0.71 mm Purple Delrin
Landström Sharkfin 1.0 White Nylon
Landström Sharkfin 0.80 Red Nylon
1.0 mm Grey Tortex pick of unknown fabricate (Found it inside my dad's acoustic)

And, a Landström Sharkfin 1.0 mm Blue Delrin, hanging as a necklace...
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I use an old Espana .96mm pick. It's a very wide pick, which is very important for me. I tend to pencil pick with an ordinary pick, so the width of this one allows me to block my thumb joint and prevent it from bending. It makes my playing smoother and faster.
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I've been useing DAVA picks for about 8 years and still swear by them they are the most versitile pick around and the grippy lines in the hollowed out midsection keep the little buggers in your hands,but I just tried those BIG STUBBY picks,they work really well for some songs
pale pink dunlop o.43mm.
and it has to be pale pink otherwise it just isnt the same

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