simple. What's the best amp for red hot chili peppers, indie, and alt. rock under 500 dollars??

I want a good amp for distortion. One that won't make break so much, more like overdrive. The kind of distoriton used for songs liek Readymade (RHCP) or Knock Me Down (RHCP)

Thanks in Advance
I think if you want distortion and good effects, get a good clean channel amp for like 250, then get an effects pedal such as the Zoom G2.1u for another 250. thats what i did and it works like a charm
tube amps are what is going to give you that overdrive instead of distortion. which means you probably want a tube amp for that sound.
fender tube amps are known more for their cleans and dont have a ton of distortion. the hot rod deluxe is $600 online, but i know ive seen it for less. maybe the price has gone up recently, but i still think you could find it for less at some stores. peavey classic 30, what i use, is $570 on music123. i got mine for $400 tho at a local store, so again see what the prices are around you. i dont know if it gets a perfect RHCP sound, but i use it for that (you can hear me cover on mercury in my sig if you want an example of the sound). i know traynor makes a tube amp around that price as well, but i dont know much about them cause i cant get em around here. um, there are other tube amps in that price range as well, and im sure others will know more than me. but those are a few things to look at reviews of and such while you are waiting.
Fender Blues Jr or a Vox AC30 used
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Fender Blues Jr for the Fru cleans, and a Big Muff for the distortion, then you're set.

I've got both, and I get a near perfect Fru sound.
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don't the chili's use their enormous marshall stacks on clean all the time and then just overdrive with a tube screamer or some distortion pedal? I heard about them doing something like that. in that case you'd just need the fender and a distortion pedal like RHCP said.
^Yup, John uses distortions for his... distortion.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30
Vox AD50VT if ur lookin for fru sound. My friend has one and hes like the biggest rhcp fan in the world.