This song means alot to me and I'd just like to learn how to play it. It's the first thing I've ever attempted that uses bends. I love Gilmour's bends.

If anyone could maybe explain, in detail, how to play the first part there (just the beginning, i'm not asking for the whole solo or anything) I'd really appreciate the favor.

Thanks. Anything helps. Sometimes when I read how to play a song I do a bit better. Thanks again.
Ok, it's a been a long time since I listened to this so I'll try my best to explain the first part.

I'm not sure about the timing but seeing as its a favourite of yours you should be able to get it.

Pick the D string 5th fret twice. (G)
Pick the G string 7th fret (D) and then bend the note up a full bend so that it sounds like 9th fret. (E)
Immediately pick the B string 5th fret (E) while maintaining the bend on the G string and then bend up again so that it sounds like the 10th fret. (F)
Release the bend slowly so that it sounds like the 9th fret (E) and then the 7th fret. (D)

The brackets represent the actual note being played.

I hope that makes sense.