Yes, I'm new to guitar. I've spent the last while picking up my picking speed, and strumming speed, and chord changes, but now I want to start mastering Bar chords...

I need tips, I really do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Really the trick with mastering bar chords is discovering that magic area in your fingers that best bars the fret. You need to experiment with moving your "finger fat" around and finding the best position that gives you the full ring of the chord. Its gonna take a lot of practice but a year from now youll think to yourself "I can't believe I even had trouble with this".
^I agree

And all I can add (as cliche as it sounds) is to practice, practice, practice. Your fingers need to get strengthened and used to it, and you also need practice to get faster at forming the chord ang moving between them. So, look up some bar chords and practice getting then on their own anf then start moving between them and just try to get faster at that I guess.

good luck!
well basically, take your index finger and press all the strings hard, so when you play them inividually they sound clear and clean. if not, then press harder or move the finger around.... then start making the triads, again, hard- clean and clear.
thats all i did, i hate barre chords though- power chords > barre chords.

ive never played a song where i had to use a barre chord. well maybe once or twice but because it produces more notes than a power chord and gives off a differant sound.
just fyi, bar your index finger ON the fret, not behind it, like usual. that's the real trick.
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