For low tuned metal/hardcore, do you think a 1960 AV, a Mesa Recto, or a Vader 4x12 would be better.

The Marshall and the Mesa have V30s, and the Vader has Eminence speakers.
I've heard Vader is amazing for detunned metal, it's probably what I'm getting when I get my head. Also you can get a new 4x12 for about the same price as a used Mesa/Marshall. They are also offering free shipping until the end of July.
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uh....it's in your first post?
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Eminence makes more than one kind of speaker?

EDIT: Found them, they are Eminence Legends. Anyone know of any other cabs that use these?
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I'm not too sure, but for the price I think that they look like great cabs. I've heard that they are the best for down tunned metal, plus I think that you can send them back if you don't like them.
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Hmm, sounds dope.

Do you think the 2x15 would be better.

It hits lower, but would it have more bass?
Up to you man, they do have a ported super 2 speaker in like a 4x12 body. That might be cool to look into.
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There you go. Forgot what it was called but it looks interesting.
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