Hey guys, I've decided to write some material today. I've been going through a rough time with this girl, so I decided to write. This is my first attempt at songwriting though. I just let it all flow, as I'm frustrated and confused at the moment. This more or less just a vent for me, even though it probably sucks.

Shooting myself in the foot
What the hell did I do
I long for your return
But some things just aren't true

You waited everyday for me
When I had you at my doorstep
Everyday you called
Only to be ignored

Time erased your memory
And I let you forget me
And I look at you now
Look at the treasure I lost

Full of regret
Where have you gone
You misunderstood me
You misunderstood me

Look at me
I'm waiting here for you
Look at me
I'm wondering what to do
Look at me
I'm waiting here for you
Look at me
You've moved to something new
R.I.P. Shawn "Memphis Monster" Lane

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